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Terms & Conditions of Equipment Hire


Cycles and equipment once hired are the responsibility of the Hirer. The Hirer is fully responsible for the reimbursement of any Loss to Dean Forest Cycles as a result of loss, theft or damage.
Reimbursement of lost stolen or damaged Equipment items will be in the form of the full replacement cost of missing or damaged item, or the full cost of repair, including all parts, labour and consumables, with labour charged at £20 / hr). An administrative fee of £20 will be charged by Dean Forest Cycles for each claim in dealing with any Loss. The Hirer will be responsible for all Legal costs incurred by Dean Forest Cycles in dealing with any Loss, including recovering lost or damaged Equipment. If bikes have to be recovered or collected by Dean Forest Cycles a fee of £50 per bike shall be paid by the Hirer for this service.

Dean Forest Cycles provide, Cycle Helmets FREE OF CHARGE whilst hiring Equipment (cycles) and we recommend the wearing of cycle helmets at all times. All Equipment issued to the Hirer by Dean Forest Cycles is specifically for the appointed rider, it is not recommended that Equipment be exchanged amongst riders as damage or injury may result.

Dean Forest Cycles reserve the right to hire the appropriate Equipment according to height, age, weight, and ability. Dean Forest Cycles retain the right to refuse hire at any time.

All Cycles and equipment are regularly maintained and serviced to the highest possible standards and therefore are hired in the knowledge that they are fit for purpose. Any defects should be brought to the attention of a member of Dean Forest Cycles staff before removal of the item from the site in order that minor repairs may be carried out or a suitable replacement may be issued to the Hirer. Dean Forest Cycles accept no liability for accident or injury incurred as a result of mechanical failure.

The Hirer must ensure they have informed Dean Forest Cycles staff of the intended cycling activity in order for the appropriate cycle to be issued. The Hirer must also ensure they have the appropriate skill for the intended cycling activity. By completing the Dean Forest Cycles Bike Hire Form and accepting the Terms and Conditions of Equipment Hire, the Hirer acknowledges that all forms of cycling and mountain biking are inherently dangerous activities. The Hirer warrants that the Hirer, and any third party whom they are hiring Equipment on behalf of, have a suitable level of skill to operate the Equipment on terrain chosen by the Hirer. Dean Forest Cycles accepts no liability for any Death, Injury or loss suffered or incurred by the Hirer as a result of use of the Equipment. 

Our cycle trail bikes are suitable for use on the family cycle trail, and similar Forest Tracks. Green Graded.
Our Mountain bikes are suitable for use on forest tracks and off road cycle trails. Blue or Red Graded
Our Mountain bikes are NOT suitable for use on the downhill runs. Any damage resulting from misuse will be charged for.
If you are unsure of suitable cycle routes or the suitability of cycles for yourself or your group please ask a member of staff for advice. We do not recommend attempting to ride outside of your limits or that of the weakest member of your group at any point as injury will likely result.

Payment by the Hirers to be made by cash, credit card or debit card only. Interest on any monies owing or outstanding to Dean Forest Cycles will be charged at 5% per item of Equipment per day.
Hirers must show photographic ID clearly confirming name and address (i.e. photographic driving licence, passport). Dean Forest Cycles Bike Hire Forms must be completed by the Hirer, a deposit collected and payment made before Equipment, including all cycles, accessory, or ancillary equipment are removed from the site. The right to hire is entirely at the discretion of Dean Forest Cycles. Discounts
Any discounts are at the discretion of Dean Forest Cycles management, and discounts are at no time an entitlement o the Hirer. Dean Forest Cycles management reserves the right to change or remove discount offers at any time without notice.
Personal Information
Any information provided to Dean Forest Cycles will be treated as confidential. By providing your email address with the Dean Forest Cycles Bike Hire Form the Hirer agrees to allow Dean Forest Cycles to send emails containing news, special offers and updates.
All Equipment, including cycles, accessory or ancillary equipment hired must be returned before the end of the agreed hire period as specified on the Dean Forest Cycles Bike Hire Form, or 30 minutes before closing time. All Equipment returned after the agreed hire period will be charged at £10 / per half hour until returned by the Hirer.

What Type of Bike Are You Looking For?

Cycle Hire
Cycle Hire

Whether you are looking for a leisurely ride through the forest or something that won’t require too much skill, the cycle trail bikes will be perfect for all the family to explore the 12 mile Family Cycle Trail.

Mountain Bike Hire
Mountain Bike Hire

These bikes are perfect for anyone looking to get off the family trail on to the vast network of fire roads and single track mountain bike trails to see exactly what the Forest of Dean truly has to offer.

Marin Bike Demo Centre
Demo Mountain Bike

These bikes are perfect for anyone looking to get off the family trail on to the vast network of fire roads and single track mountain bike trails to see exactly what the Forest of Dean truly has to offer.

Electric Bike Hire
Electric Bike Hire

We have hand picked the best Electric bikes from the Ghost bikes range to ensure they are exactly what you need. Our E-bikes are perfect for anyone looking to get in the forest on two wheels with as much or as little effort as you can or wish to put in.

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If you are planning to bring a large number of people to hire bikes, don't worry. We have no problems catering for a variation of groups from large families and groups of friends, to youth and school groups. We can also help organise everything saving you a lot of leg work (let’s face it you’re probably going to want to save those legs for all the pedalling). Follow the link to find out how we can help you.

Don't forget your ID

Unfortunately we cannot hire out any bikes without a deposit so please don't forget to bring your valid photographic ID such as driving licence or passport. Alternatively if you are leaving your car in our car park we can hold car keys as security for the bikes (and it's also a great way to make sure you don't loose them on your ride).